The message of the president

We, Partner Teknik, as an international company that is being admired and respected, are happy to be a first-choice company in the sectors it operates, together with our Project we conduct in Turkey and Abroad. We will show all kinds of efforts and sacrifice necessary to increase the sense of trust we have established with our partners in the turnkey construction of Cement, Iron and Steel and Power plants.

The fact that we have realized new projects in MENA countries although the private sector and public investments have decreased in these countries is the result of our ambitious operation and the trust we have established with our Partners.

In our projects, we set out with our belief in our team of young, talented and team-player persons. We believe there is nothing that cannot be overcome when you possess the combination of experience and knowledge. Our friends in the company are talented, experienced and valued people who aim to transfer their experiences to future generations, and they constitute the most important capital of our company.

Since our incorporation, we have been aware that being reliable to our employers is our indispensable goal and that we must comply with our business ethics and honest working principles.

We will continue to work with all our strength to realize that we are the long-distance fellow travelers of all our Partners abroad or in Turkey.

Best regards,

Hüseyin ÖKTEM

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